The Foundational Flow Sessions


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This introductory 6o-min session is focused on setting an intentional goal, reviewing your core energy and seeing how patterns have manifested in your reality. This is a pay-what-you-want model. You have full control over price and the opportunity to explore who you using Human Design, Astrology and additional tools to navigate together.


Start 1:1 Coaching

You can decide to go deeper and start experimenting with observations gathered during the introductory session. We'll create energetic strategies to implement and schedule a total of 6-8 sessions together. This will allow time to truly digest the information and monitor results. Pricing will vary based on availability.


Continue Embodiment Practices

Your last session will be a recap what you've learned through experimentation, address any burning questions and collaborate on documenting best energetic practices. It is highly recommended to continue your journey by joining the community. You'll be supported by like-minded people and have access to be book on-demand sessions.

Investment Cost

Pay What You Want | Accessibility is a human right. You deserve to have access to your energy without a high barrier to entry. We'll work together to explore the depths of who you using a variety of tools, primarily Human Design and Astrology.  Commitment is the only requirement to start.

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