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You're built differently. No more wasting time trying to find your voice and allowing others to jeprodize your wellbeing. The world needs you to show up authentically and continue to share your gifts on a consistent basis. Your impact matters in so many ways that can't fully be expressed.

Your energy is your currency. Isn't it time to use it wisely?

The answers are always within you.

It just requires you to look.

You can’t remember how you got here, stuck in monotonous routines. You feel a spark inside, but it’s not as accessible anymore. You’re lost, grasping for clarity in every moment. It comes at the expense of your relationships and health, but the difficulty of figuring out how to transform is exhausting.

So, you viciously cycle through, hoping something miraculously changes.

You're a true fighter at heart, not allowing your current circumstances to win the battle. You make attempts to listen to "gurus" and continuously search for your purpose. You're certain that a powerful force lives inside, but no one really sees you. It's like you're withering away in a void with no end in sight.

If you resonate with this on any level, you've made it to the right place. There is more to life than stress, burnout, and exhaustion. Let's curate a life that you don't need a vacation from and start getting the support you deserve. Together, let's discover your unique path to satisfaction, success, and peace. You'll be surprised by what you discover.

I’m here to support.

I’m Malana B. Jayde, and I can help you connect to the biggest resource that you can ever accumulate on this planet. You guessed it? You.

I'm a Leadership Coach that utilizes both traditional and non-traditional methods like Clifton Strength, DiSC BG5/Human Design and Astrology to help my clients succeed. I have over a decade of entrepreneurial experience in Business Development and Marketing specializing in a multitude of industries: entertainment, hospitality, construction and professional services.

I started my metaphysical journey in 2015 and studied with BG5 Institute to deepen my self-study in Human Design. I continued my education by working with esteemed Astrologers in the industry: Michelle Gregg, Donna Stellhorn Aliza Kelly, Adam Elenbass and continued to expand my toolbox in numerology through the Kabalarian Philosophy.

I’m fully equipped to support you in unleashing the powerful leader that always lived inside of you. The level of self-awareness that can be unlocked will bring unimaginable joy and a total mind, body, and soul synastry. I offer flexible solutions to assist with your grow whether you’re looking for short term support or here for the long haul.

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Life happens in the moment. Real time, on-demand support when you need it the most. I've created a multitude of tools that can be utilized anywhere, anytime whenever you need it.


Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. 1-on-1s are accessible, safe spaces to go deeper into your natural abilities and create strategies that fit your lifestyle. You're one of a kind and need a custom plan. No one-size-fits here.


Looking for more support, accountability and commitment to your development? Treat your life like a business and design every aspect so it's a direct extension of your authentic self. The best part is that you don't have to do it alone.

Isn't time to unlock your genius and start living the life you deserve?

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